• Location Mok dong, Yangchun gu, Seoul
  • Client Hyundai Department
  • Role Art Direction, Space Identity, Brand Identity
  • Status Completion, 2018.07
  • Program Retail
  • Creative Director Park Kee Min, Jung Jin Ho
  • SI Design Team Yoo Seul Gi, Kim Yeon Ju
  • BI Design Team Choi Su Ji
  • Photographer Choi Yong Joon
Cover Image

Yoo Seul Gi

BXSI Manager

The project was pleasant as I imagined various aspects of the space to be seen from various perspectives.
오가는 여러 시선에서 보일 공간의 다양한 모습을 상상하며 즐거웠던 프로젝트.

Cover Image

Kim Yeon Ju

BXSI Designer

It is a space where you can enjoy various sequences through unique layouts that have played on large axes.
큰 축을 틀어준 독특한 레이아웃을 통해 다양한 시퀀스에서의 재미를 느껴볼 수 있는 공간.